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You can also find us on Facebook at Bayonne Nature Club.  That's where we share photos and talk about our latest bird sightings. Come to this web site if you want see our activities list.  You can also email us by clicking here:  

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This page was last updated: July 1, 2014
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These videos were taken on Lefante Walk, South Cove Commons along the Scotish Links Golf Course.  See us on "You Tube" by clicking here: "BayonneBirder" Please subscribe to BayonneBirder!

For July:
​Please note we are holding bird walks and clean-ups at 9:00 a.m. to avoid summer heat.

1. Meeting: Wednesday, July 9, 7:00 p.m. at the Bayonne Public Library in the downstairs small conference room in the back. Updates on the American Littoral Society “Spill Spotting” program, report on DEP case in Rutkowski Park and any other issues you would like to bring up. 

2. Bird Walk, Thursday, July 10 at 9:00 a.m. at Rutkowski Park.  Meet at the gate near the restroom in S. Gregg Bayonne Hudson County Park.  Sandpipers, Plovers, Black-crowned Night Herons are all possibilities, we will also be watching for the appearance of some immature Yellow-crown Night Herons as well!

3. Shoreline Clean-up, Saturday, July 19 at 9:00 a.m. at Rutkowski Park. Meet at gate near restrooms. We’re going back to finish the job. We have created some new tools to make it possible to get those bottles that collect over the side of the boardwalk. Meet at the gate near the restrooms. Pick-up sticks, garbage bags, gloves, water and snacks are provided. We hope to see you there!

4. American Littoral Water Seining Event, July 22 at 10:00 a.m. starting at Rutkowski Beach and moving on to two other locations. We will be checking the water for life forms and water clarity. Join us to see what’s in the sea. If you know student or scout groups that may enjoy this event, please tell them and have them contact us. 

5. Bird Walk, Saturday, July 26 at 9:00 a.m. in Lefante Walk, South Cove Commons Mall.  Meet at the entrance gate near Otaiko Restaurant. Shorebirds are migrating south, Egrets and Herons are bringing their immatures out to learn to forage for food on their own.

6. Nature Photos: We will be removing our “Summer” photos and installing our “Autumn” themed photos on the first floor of the main public library. Our “Nature of Bayonne” exhibit on the second floor continues until February 2015. 
If you have photos you would like to display, contact us at info@bayonnenatureclub.org 

Be sure to tell your friends to join the Bayonne Nature Club!   Join the Bayonne Nature Club by coming to a bird walk, meeting or shoreline clean-up or displaying your photos. Find us on FACEBOOK. We charge no dues. We are nature enthusiasts and activists. Please consider making a donation. We hope to see you soon!

See our proposal for a NEW PARK in BayonneClick here for a copy of the proposal.

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Nature Club!! 

Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites
Above picture taken by Susan Hill. 7/2012.
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We have expenses too:  the cost of the web site, the cost of water and snacks for the shoreline clean-up volunteers and the bird feeder campaign. 

We offer great gifts for your donation. We deliver to those living in Bayonne, NJ.     

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Successful 16th Street Shoreline Clean-up: United Water and Hackensack Riverkeeper joined the Bayonne Nature Club for this January 18, 2014 shoreline clean-up.  Twelve people picked up 39 bags of garbage, 19 tires, a grocery cart, mattresses and a video screen among other things. See more history of our clean-ups  Click Here!
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