Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites
Set Up and Ready to Show: 
Pictured at left: Marion, Pat, Susan, Lois and Joan.  We set up the photo exhibit "The Nature of Bayonne" which displayed at the Library in March and April 2012. Photo by Lois Adlin.   

Gardening for Butterflies: 

Pictured at right:   Pat, Nancy, Mike, Elise, John/Donna, Nancy, Bill, Bonnie and Liz.

September 24, 2014, we expanded the Butterfly Garden at Rutkowski Park, planting Milkweed, Asters, Joe Pye Weed, and other native American plants to aid butterflies in the area. Photo taken by Elizabeth Sarah Mohammed. 
July 22 and Oct. 17, 2014, the Bayonne Nature Club worked with the American Littoral Society to seine Newark Bay off Rutkowski Park and the Newark Bay Waterfront Walkway to see what kind of fish were in the waters.  This was also done to document the types of fish in the bay so that in the event of an oil or chemical spill, legal action could be taken. We seined the river again July 31, 2015.
Top left: Mike, Stevie and Bonnie stand before Newark Bay with the net in hand.

Right: They head out into the water near the Cassiano Bridge off Rutkowski Park.

Left: Bringing in the haul. Everyone looks to see what we got.

Right: Blue Fish, Silversides, Killies, and at last, an Atlantic Menhaddan

Left: Mike, Stevie and Ellen enter the bay off Newark Bay Waterfront Walk-way.

Right:  Stevie shows us the Atlantic Menhaddan which is trying to make a come back in Newark Bay.

Left: On July  31, 2015 we seined the river, found crabs, fish and shrimp.
August 24, 2013: Bayonne Nature Club invites the Hackensack Riverkeeper to organize a public kayak trip on Newark Bay, departing from Rutkowski Park beach.
August 20, 2013: The Bayonne Nature Club boards the Hackensack Riverkeeper pontoon boats for an EcoCruise of Newark Bay departing from Robins Reef Marina Club House. The Bayonne Bridge is seen in the background.