Archive of Clean-ups in the Parks of Bayonne, NJ during the year 2021.
Contact us if you are interested in joining us for a shoreline clean-up. 

Bayonne Nature Club
Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites.
January 18, 2020: Today's shoreline clean-up at 16th Street Park, before the snow! Twelve people picked up 18 bags of trash, one baby car seat, three 5-gal buckets, 1 large laundry basket, 3 large boat bumpers, a large metal screen, various pieces of metal and Styrofoam.
January 16, 2021 Shoreline Clean-up at Rutkowski Park: 14 Environmental Heroes picked up 14 bags of trash, a fire extinguisher, numerous buckets, and an old trash can.
March 20, 2021" Shoreline Cleanup at Rutkowski Park. On this First Day of Spring, 34 Environmental Heroes cleaned up 46 bags of trash along with a big white traffic barrier, a tire, an innertube, 2 4/8 plywood boards, the Styrofoam from a punching bag, several pieces of scrap metal and several 20-gal buckets and paint cans.
Earth Day, April 24, 2021 Shoreline Clean-up at Rutkowski Park.      
32 Environmental Heroes cleaned up 48 bags of trash, including 4 five-gal buckets, 5 large plastic tarps, 3 milk crates, 3 metal-foam pieces and 2 one-dollar bills.  Thanks to Hudson County Community College and Hackensack Riverkeeper for your help.