Archive of Clean-ups in the Parks of Bayonne, NJ during the year 2020.
Contact us if you are interested in joining us for a shoreline clean-up. 

Bayonne Nature Club
Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites.
January 18, 2020: Today's shoreline clean-up at 16th Street Park, before the snow! Twelve people picked up 18 bags of trash, one baby car seat, three 5-gal buckets, 1 large laundry basket, 3 large boat bumpers, a large metal screen, various pieces of metal and Styrofoam.
February 15, 2020 at Ahern Veterans Park. Twenty-two Environmental Heroes cleaned up 28 bags of trash on a cold 15 degree day. We also picked up two tires, a wood pallet and several buckets.
March 14, 2020 at Rutkowski Park: Twenty-three Environmental Heroes cleaned up 32 bags of trash, a large pink bumper and a tire from the shoreline in spite of Covid-19 epidemic and social distancing!