Archive of Clean-ups in the Parks of Bayonne, NJ during the year 2020.
Contact us if you are interested in joining us for a shoreline clean-up. 

Bayonne Nature Club
Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites.
January 18, 2020: Today's shoreline clean-up at 16th Street Park, before the snow! Twelve people picked up 18 bags of trash, one baby car seat, three 5-gal buckets, 1 large laundry basket, 3 large boat bumpers, a large metal screen, various pieces of metal and Styrofoam.
February 15, 2020 at Ahern Veterans Park. Twenty-two Environmental Heroes cleaned up 28 bags of trash on a cold 15 degree day. We also picked up two tires, a wood pallet and several buckets.
March 14, 2020 at Rutkowski Park: Twenty-three Environmental Heroes cleaned up 32 bags of trash, a large pink bumper and a tire from the shoreline in spite of Covid-19 epidemic and social distancing!
Clean-ups continue in spite of Covid-19 Virus.
6/10/2020 Tom, Bill, Mike and Valentin finished the clean up of 16th St. Park with removal of 8 bags of trash.
​6/4/2020 Bill and Mike cleaning the north corner of 16th Street Park.
5/20/2020 Bill, Tom and Mike ​cleaning up the middle.
5/6/2020 Left and Right: Tom and Mike at 16th Street Park doing the south end.
July 18, 2020, Collins Park (at left).  Sixteen volunteers cleaned up 24 bags of trash and 2 pallets and a ladder from the shoreline on a 95 degree day. At right: July 2 at 16th St boat launch 6 people cleaned up 14 bags.
August 23, 2020 with the Hackensack Riverkeeper and their canoes. 75 volunteers picked up over 100 bags of trash from Rutkowski Park.
September 19, 2020. Newark Bay Waterfront Walkway. Seventeen Environmental Heroes cleaned up 17 bags of bottles, an old rusty gas tank, pallets, plastic sheets and various other items.
Oct. 24th Shoreline Clean-up at 16th Street Park. Twenty-two Environmental Heroes, many of them college and high school students, cleaned up 30 bags of trash and pulled out numerous metal items, including Covid-19 masks and gloves.
Nov. 14th, at Ahern Vets Park,
thirteen Environmental Heroes cleaned up 15 bags of trash and 2 gas tanks. Hackensack River-keeper discovered that Sims, Inc. on Newark Bay was allowing old refrigerator parts to fall into the water, which washed up on Bayonne's shores. They've been told to clean up their act. 
December 12, 2020 Rutkowski Park:   Twenty-nine Environmental Heroes cleaned up 40 bags of trash and other items from the shoreline. This was a spectacular turnout and trash removal effort topping off the end of 2020! Thanks to everyone. Let's do it again next year!