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Wildflower Walk

Wildflowers bloom in April and May and again in August and September.  

Native American wildflower are growing in the parks of Bayonne, but unless you know where to look, you may never find them.  

On this page we show the native American wildflowers that we have photographed in the parks of Bayonne, NJ parks.
Above: Spring Beauties (blooms in April)
Below: Trout Lily (blooms in April)
Below left: Jewel Weed or Touch Me Not

Late summer brings another blooming season for the meadow flowers.  Below are Black-eyed Susans (Rudbeckias).
Above: Violets, NJ's state flower.
Below: Monardia or Bee Balm
Below are pictures of our Butterfly Garden in Rutkowski Park, beyond the boardwalk and down the trail.  We are hoping to introduce more native American flowers to the park.  We took a weedy meadow in the park near the "compass."  We planted native flowers and others that many butterflies like. The flowers grew and the butterflies and bees came to enjoy.
The flowers grew and bloomed!  
We will continue to develop the garden with hopes that the plants will send their seeds drifting across the meadow and increase the diversity of plants and butterflies in the park. Go see how well our garden is doing.
Black Swallowtail Butterfly on Zinnia.
Above: Red Admiral butterfly.
Below: Buckeye Butterfly.
Monarch Butterfly on Clover.
Below: Bumble Bee on Red Clover.
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