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Bayonne Nature Club
Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites
Shop 'till you drop!
The Bayonne Nature Club is now offering canvas shopping bags.  For a donation of $10.00 you can have a hand-painted shopping bag to show your support for the work we do!  Each bag is unique, pictured below are various samples.

Our products are offered at craft fairs around Bayonne, NJ.  We also deliver to your home if you live in Bayonne.  Please let us know which day and what time is convenient for delivery to you.  Please have cash donation ready at the time of item delivery. 
Donate your extra stuff to the 
Bayonne Nature Club for fund-raising purposes. If you have small items that you would like to donate for sale, contact us.  We guarantee none of your stuff will be returned and all of it will go for a good cause!

Include your phone number so we can confirm the date of pick-up. Please have your donation items ready at the time of pick-up. 
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