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The money is used to maintain the 
Bayonne Nature Club website, provide snacks for volunteers who do shoreline clean-ups, and for bird seed for the feeders at Rutkowski Park. 

6. Aloe Vera: 

The gel from the green leaves is used for soothing minor burns.  Keep this plant in your kitchen.  Aloe Vera needs bright sun for best growth, and only a little water.  
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TAKEN - Thanks for the donation!
TAKEN - Thanks for the donation!
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Fund Raising

Plants for those who are missing a 
Green Thumb 
If you think you can't grow plants, try these.  They will not die if you forget to water them. They can grow in low light and small pots.

3. The Silver Queen (below left) easy to grow, low light, distinctive foliage. Gives height to your plant collection.  (Comes in various pot colors and designs.)

4. Sansevieria (below middle) "Snake Plant" - hardy, low light plants for those who have north windows and still want something green in the room. Easy to grow, needs little water.  

5. Arrow Leaf (below right) broad arrow-shaped leaves of bright green.  Put this plant in a sunny open location and watch it grow.  Easy care.
1. African Violets (above) ready to bloom in pink, purple or burgandy.  Planted in various decorative pots or coffee mugs. Great under florescent lights, need very little water and are easy to grow.  Just let us know how many and what color you want.
2. Above: Birds Nest Plant in various decorative pots.  Easy to grow in low light, needs very little water.  Deep green leaves add a natural touch to any table top.  (These will be available again in 3 months.)

TAKEN - Thanks for the Donation!
TAKEN - Thanks for the Donation!
TAKEN - Thanks for the Donation!
We are always propogating more plants.  If you don't see what you like here, send an email and tell us what you want.
TAKEN - Thanks for the donation!
TAKEN - Thanks for the Donation!