Archive of Clean-ups in the Parks of Bayonne, NJ during the year 2015.

Bayonne Nature Club
Appreciating, protecting and improving urban nature sites.
January 17, 2015: Working together: the Americorp Ambassador, the Hackensack Riverkeeper and the Bayonne Nature Club cleaned up the shoreline at Di Dominico 16th Street Park.  It was a cold sunny day but we managed to clean up 40 bags of trash and various tires, hose and plastic panels and several plastic buckets in two hours with 14 people.
March 28, 2015: Rutkowski Park: Fourteen people cleaned up 25 bags of trash and various pieces of plastic and junk from the boardwalk and beach.  We were able to remove much of the trash that had washed in during a long cold winter.  Picture are some of the Environmental Heroes:  Jason M., Tom A., Mike R., Elise T., Susan D., Donna O., and Sunitha S.  Photo by Patricia H.
April 11, 2015 - 16th Street Park near the boat launch.. Seven members picked up 17 bags of trash, 5 tires, 3 propane tanks, 1 seat cushion, 1 gas can, 9 miscellaneous plastics.
May 9 - We're getting serious with bright green vests so everyone who walks by knows who is picking up this trash!

Eight members picked up 15 bags of trash, one large plastic pallet, one large plastic pipe and one large plastic "flying saucer."  we cleaned the boardwalk and fisherman's trail. 
June 17, 2015, at Don Ahern Veterans Memorial Park. Eight people picked up 15 bags of garbage from the shoreline walkway.  We cleaned the beach behind the high school and the beach at the opposite end of the park as well.  THANK YOU ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES!
August 22, 2015: Ten people picked up 16 bags of garbage at the boat launch beach in 16th Street Park. Some of the worst things we found were beer bottles and drug bags, along with industrial debris from ships. Thanks again, Environmental Heroes!
On Oct. 21, 2015, Tom A., Bill H., Bill M., Elise T. and Pat H. did a quick clean-up of Rutkowski Park.  12 bags of garbage was collected by the BNClub environmental heroes. Woodrow Wilson School did the beach and fishermens' trail. 

Tom, Bill and Mike do a quick shoreline clean-up in Collins Park. Bayonne Bridge in the background. September 25th, 2015 10 bags of garbage and large pieces of debris were collected.
Our next shoreline clean-up will be January 16, 2016 at 16th Street Park. Pick-up sticks, garbage bags, gloves, snacks and water will be provided for volunteers. We hope you can join us in keeping our waterways and parks clean and enjoyable for people and wildlife.