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Archive of Clean-ups in the Parks of Bayonne, NJ
during the year 2014.
January 18, 2014 We began another year of Bayonne Nature Club clean-ups.  With help from Hackensack Riverkeeper and United Water, 12 people picked up 39 bags of trash, 19 tires, a shopping cart and other junk in three hours in spite of snow and rain.
March 8, 2014: Eight people cleaned up 22 bags of garbage from the Newark Bay Waterfront Walkway.   These Environmental Heroes enjoyed the spring sunshine and made the walkway a nicer place to visit! Thanks for your help!

May 10, 2014 at 16th Street Park:  Twelve people and a baby pick up 22 bags of garbage.  Since the high school students had cleaned the beach of the larger debris earlier in the week, we focused on the little pieces of plastic and the strips of plastic and plastic bags that were harder to get.
At left, June 21, 2014,  Rutkowski Park.  Ten people cleaned up 22 bags of garbage in two hours. We got some of the hardest to reach garbage along the boardwalk.
July 19, 2014 - Rutkowski Park Clean-up:  Above, our fourteen Environmental Heroes cleaned up the park and gathered 27 bags of trash and several old tires and barrels.  Pictured below left: Patti, Jon, Mike, Bill, Elise and Donna.  Below right includes Pat H.  Photo by Patti Banks.
August 18, 2014 - Rutkowski Park Shoreline Clean-up:  At right, our twelve Environmental Heroes cleaned up the park and gathered 20 bags of trash, mostly from fishermen's trail.  Pictured are Ed, Bill, Bill Patti Mike, Elise, James and Liz.  
September 22, 2014 - 16th Street Park Shoreline Clean-up:  Our eight Environmental Heroes cleaned up the park and gathered 17 bags of trash.  Pictured are Mike, Bill and James.
October 18, 2014 shoreline clean-up of Rutkowski Park.  Our environmental Heroes cleaned up 15 bags of garbage and one wood pallet.  The park is looking so much cleaner and everyone compliments us for the work we've done. Pictured are: Mike, Tom, Elise, Gene, Joanne, Ellen and Bill.  Photo taken by Patricia H.
November 15, 2014: Clean-up of Newark Bay Waterfront Walkway. Eight ENVIRONMENTAL HEROES REMOVED 25 BAGS OF GARBAGE. Pictured are Jon, Patti, Mike, Bill, Tom and Liz along with Ellen who missed the photo and Pat who took the photo.
Below are two pictures of the shoreline clean-up of Collins Park on the Kill Van Kull.  On Dec. 13, twelve people picked up 20 large bags of garbage that had accumulated among the rocks.  Pictured are: Ingrid, Mike, Tom, Bill, Pat H., Susan L., Elise and Susan D.  Photo below by Patti Banks.
Pictured at right: Patti B. Mike, Ingrid, Tom, Bill, Susan L. Susan D. and Elise.  Others helped but did not stay for the photo.  Photo to right by Pat H.